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Just For Today

April 15, 2016

Keep coming back

“We have come to enjoy living clean and want more of the good things that the NA Fellowship holds for us.”

Basic Text, p. 27

Can you remember a time when you looked at the addicts recovering in NA and wondered, “If they aren’t using drugs, what on earth do they have to laugh about?”  Did you believe that the fun stopped when the using stopped?  So many of us did; we were certain that we were leaving the “good life” behind.  Today, many of us can laugh at that misconception because we know how full our life in recovery can be.

Many of the things we enjoy so much in recovery are gained by actively participating in the Fellowship of NA.  We begin to find true companionship, friends who understand and care about us just for ourselves.  We find a place where we can be useful to others.  There are recovery meetings, service activities, and fellowship gatherings to fill our time and occupy our interests.  The fellowship can be a mirror to reflect back to us a more accurate image of who we are.  We find teachers, helpers, friends, love, care, and support.  The fellowship always has more to offer us, as long as we keep coming back.

Just for today:  I know where the “good life” is.  I’ll keep coming back.

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