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Just for Today

August 12, 2016


“Something inside cries out, ‘Enough, enough, I’ve had enough,’ and then they are ready to take that first and often most difficult step toward dealing with their disease.”

Have we really had enough?  This is the crucial question we must ask ourselves as we prepare to work the First Step in Narcotics Anonymous.  It doesn’t matter whether or not we arrived in NA with our families intact, our careers still working for us, and all the outward appearances of wholeness.  All that matters is that we have reached an emotional and spiritual bottom that precludes our return to active addiction.  If we have, we will be truly ready to go to any lengths to quit using.

When we inventory our powerlessness, we ask ourselves some simple questions.  Can I control my use of drugs in any form?  What incidents have occurred as a result of my drug use that I didn’t want to happen?  How is my life unmanageable?  Do I believe in my heart that I am an addict?

If the answers to these questions lead us to the doors of Narcotics Anonymous, then we are ready to move on to the next step toward a life free from active addition.  If we have truly had enough, then we will be willing to go to any lengths to find recovery.

Just for Today:  I admit that I have had enough.  I am ready to work my First Step.

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