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August 30, 2016

Doing good, feeling good

“We examine our actions, reactions, and motives.  We often find that we’ve been doing better than we’ve been feeling.”

Basic Text, p. 43

The way we treat others often reveals our own state of being.  When we are at peace, we’re most likely to treat others with respect and compassion.  However, when we’re feeling off center, we’re likely to respond to others with intolerance and impatience.  When we take regular inventory, we’ll probably notice a pattern:  We treat others badly when we feel bad about ourselves.

What might not be revealed in an inventory, however, is the other side of the coin:  When we treat others well, we feel good about ourselves.  When we add this positive truth to the negative facts we find about ourselves in our inventory, we begin to behave differently.

When we feel badly, we can pause to pray for guidance and strength.  Then, we make a decision to treat those around us with kindness, gentleness, and the same concern we’d like to be shown.  A decision to be kind may nurture and sustain the happiness and peace of mind we all wish for.  And the joy we inspire may lift the spirits of those around us, in turn fostering our own spiritual well-being.

Just for Today:  I will remember that if I change my actions, my thoughts will follow.

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