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💬Recovery December 26 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

December 26

Never-failing Power

“As we learn to trust this Power, we begin to overcome our fear of life.”

Basic Text, p. 25

We are people accustomed to placing all our eggs in one basket.  Many of us had one particular drug of choice that was our favorite.  We relied on it to get us through each day and make life bearable.  We were faithful to that drug; in fact, we committed ourselves to it without reservation.  And then it turned on us.  We had been betrayed by the only thing we had ever depended on, and the betrayal left us floundering.

Now that we’ve stumbled into the rooms of recovery, we may be tempted to rely on another human being to meet our needs.  We may expect this from our sponsor, our lover, or our best friend.  But dependence on human beings is risky.  They fall short of perfection.  They may be on vacation, sleeping, or in a bad mood when we need them.

Our dependence must rest on a Power greater than ourselves.  No human force can restore our sanity, care for our will and our lives, or be unconditionally available and loving whenever we are in need.  We place our trust in the God of our understanding, for only that Power will never fail us.

Just for Today:  I will place my trust in a Power greater than myself, for only that Power will never let me down.

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