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💬Recovery December 28 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

December 28


“We are no longer fighting fear, anger, guilt, self-pity, or depression.”

Basic Text, p. 27

As addicts, many of us experience depression from time to time.  When we feel depressed, we may be tempted to isolate ourselves.  However, if we do this, our depression may turn to despair.  We can’t afford to let depression lead us back to using.

Instead, we try to go about the routine of our lives.  We make meeting attendance and contact with our sponsor top priorities.  Sharing with others about our feelings may let us know we aren’t the only ones who have been depressed in recovery.  Working with a newcomer can work wonders for our own state of mind.  And, most importantly, prayer and meditation can help us tap the power we need to survive depression.

We practice acceptance and remember that feelings like depression will unquestionably pass in time.  Rather than struggle with our feelings, we accept them and ask for the strength to walk through them.

Just for Today:  I accept that my feelings of depression won’t last forever.  I will talk openly about my feelings with my sponsor or another person who understands.

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