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💬Recovery December 7 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

December 7

Surviving our emotions

“We use the tools available to us and develop the ability to survive our emotions.”

Basic Text, p. 31

“Survive my emotions?” some of us say.  “You’ve got to be kidding!”  When we were using, we never gave ourselves the chance to learn how to survive them.  You don’t survive your feelings, we thought – you drug them.  The problem was, that “cure” for our unsurvivable emotions was killing us.  That’s when we came to Narcotics Anonymous, started working the Twelve Steps and, as a result, began to mature emotionally.

Many of us found emotional relief right from the start.  We were tired of pretending that our addiction and our lives were under control; it actually felt good to finally admit they weren’t.  After sharing our inventory with our sponsor, we began to feel like we didn’t have to deny who we were or what we felt in order to be accepted.  When we’d finished making our amends, we knew we didn’t have to suffer with guilt; we could own up to it and it wouldn’t kill us.  The more we worked the NA program, the better we felt about living life as it came to us.

The program works today as well as it ever did.  By taking stock of our day, getting honest about our part in it, and surrendering to reality, we can survive the feelings life throws our way.  By using the tools available to us, we’ve developed the ability to survive our emotions.

Just for Today:  I will not deny my feelings.  I will practice honesty and surrender to life as it is.  I will use the tools of this program to survive my emotions.

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