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💬Recovery February 9 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

February 9


“When we accept ourselves, we can accept others into our lives, unconditionally, probably for the first time.”

IP No. 19, Self-Acceptance

From our earliest memories, many of us felt like we never belonged.  No matter how big the gathering, we always felt apart from the crowd.  We had a hard time “fitting in.”  Deep down, we believed that if we really let others get to know us, they would reject us.  Perhaps our addiction began to germinate in this climate of self-centeredness.

Many of us hid the pain of our alienation with an attitude of defiance.  In effect, we told the world, “You don’t need me?  Well, I don’t need any of you, either.  I’ve got my drugs and I can take care of myself!”  The further our addiction progressed, the higher the walls we built around ourselves.

Those walls begin to fall when we start finding acceptance from other recovering addicts.  With this acceptance from others, we begin to learn the important principle of self-acceptance.  And when we start to accept ourselves, we can allow others to take part in our lives without fear of rejection.

Just for Today:  I am accepted in NA;  I fit in.  Today, it’s safe to start letting others into my life.

Just for Today, p. 41

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