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Just for Today

January 10


“I’m very grateful to have come to believe.”

IP No. 21, The Loner

Belief in a Higher Power can make all the difference when the going gets tough!  When things don’t go our way in recovery, our sponsor may direct us to make a “gratitude list.”  When we do, we should include our faith in a Power greater than ourselves on the list.  One of the greatest gifts we receive from the Twelve Steps is our belief in a God of our own understanding.

The Twelve Steps gently lead us toward a spiritual awakening.  Just as our addiction progressed, so does our spiritual life develop in the course of working the program of Narcotics Anonymous.  The steps are our path to a relationship with a God of our understanding.  This Higher Power gives us strength when our road gets rough.

Are we grateful for our deepening relationship with a Higher Power?  Do we remember to thank God for each day clean, no matter what has happened that day?  Do we remember that, no matter how deep our despair or how great our joy, the God of our understanding is with us?

Our recovery is a gift, a gift that we sometimes take for granted.  Each day we stay clean, we can rejoice in our Higher Power’s care.

Just for Today:  I am grateful for my relationship with a Higher Power that cares for me.

Just for Today, p. 10

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