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💬Recovery January 12 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

January 12

Spiritual awakenings

“Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps…”

Step Twelve

“How will I know when I have had a spiritual awakening?”  For many of us, a spiritual awakening comes gradually.  Perhaps our first spiritual awareness is as simple as a new appreciation for life.  Maybe one day we’ll suddenly discover the sound of birds singing early in the morning.  The simple beauty of a flower may remind us that there is a Power greater than ourselves at work around us.

Often, our spiritual awakening is something that grows stronger over time.  We can strive for more spiritual awareness simply by living our lives.  We can persist in efforts to improve our conscious contact through prayer and meditation on a daily basis.  We can listen within for the guidance we need.  We can question other addicts about their experiences with spirituality.  We can take time to appreciate the world around us.

Just for Today:  I will reflect on the spiritual awakenings I have experienced.  I will strive to be God-conscious.  I will take time out in the day to appreciate my Higher Power’s handiwork.

Just for Today, p. 12

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