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Just for Today

January 24

From isolation to connection

“Our disease isolated us… Hostile, resentful, self-centered, and self-seeking, we cut ourselves off from the outside world.”

Sixth Edition Basic Text, p. 4

Addiction is an isolating disease, closing us off from society, family, and self.  We hid.  We lied.  We scorned the lives we saw others living, surely beyond our grasp.  Worst of all, we told ourselves there was nothing wrong with us, even though we knew we were desperately ill.  Our connection with the world, and with reality itself, was severed.  Our lives lost meaning, and we withdrew further and further from reality.

The NA program is designed especially for people like us.  It helps reconnect us to the life we were meant to live, drawing us out of our isolation.  We stop lying to ourselves about our condition; we admit our powerlessness and the unmanageability of our lives.  We develop faith that our lives can improve, that recovery is possible, and that happiness is not permanently beyond our grasp.  We get honest; we stop hiding; we “show up and tell the truth,” no matter what.  And as we do, we establish the ties that connect our individual lives to the larger life around us.

We addicts need not live lives of isolation.  The Twelve Steps can restore our connection to life and living – if we work them.

Just for Today:  I am a part of the life around me.  I will practice my program to strengthen my connection to the world.

Just for Today, p. 24

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