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Just for Today

July 30, 2016

Regular inventory

“Continuing to take a personal inventory means that we form a habit of looking at ourselves, our actions, attitudes, and relationships on a regular basis.”

Basic Text, p. 42

Taking a regular inventory is a key element in our new pattern of living.  In our addiction, we examined ourselves as little as possible.  We weren’t happy with how we were living our lives, but we didn’t feel that we could change the way we lived.  Self-examination, we felt, would have been a painful exercise in futility.

Today, all that is changing.  Where we were powerless over our addiction, we’ve found a Power greater than ourselves that has helped us stop using.  Where we once felt lost in life’s maze, we’ve found guidance in the experience of our fellow recovering addicts and our ever-improving contact with our Higher Power.  We need not feel trapped by our old, destructive patterns.  We can live differently if we choose.

By establishing a regular pattern of taking our own inventory, we give ourselves the opportunity to change anything in our lives that doesn’t work.  If we’ve started doing something that causes problems, we can start changing our behavior before it gets completely our of hand.  And if we’re doing something that prevents problems from occurring, we can take note of that, too, and encourage ourselves to keep doing what works.

Just for Today:  I will make a commitment to include a regular inventory in my new pattern of living.

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