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Just for Today

July 9, 2016

We do recover!

“… the time has come when that tired old lie, ‘Once an addict, always an addict,’ will no longer be tolerated by either society or the addict himself.  We do recover.”

Basic Text, p. 89

From time to time we hear speakers share that they don’t really understand spiritual principles yet.  They tell us that if we knew what went on in their minds, we’d be amazed at how insane they still are.  They tell us that the longer they’re clean, the less they know about anything.  In the next breath, these same speakers tell us about the profound changes recovery has made in their lives.  They have moved from complete despair to unfailing hope, from uncontrollable drug use to total abstinence, from chronic unmanageability to responsibility through working the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous.  Which story is true?  Do we or don’t we recover?

We may think we demonstrate humility or gratitude by underplaying the change that recovery has brought to our lives.  True, we do injustice to the program when we take credit for this miracle ourselves.  But we do an equal injustice – to ourselves and to those we share with – when we don’t acknowledge this miracle’s magnitude.

We do recover.  If we have trouble seeing the miracle of recovery, we’d better look again.  Recovery is alive and at work in Narcotics Anonymous – in our oldtimers, in the newcomers flooding our meetings, and most of all in ourselves.  All we have to do is open our eyes.

Just for Today:  I will acknowledge the miracle of my recovery and be grateful that I’ve found it.

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