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💬Recovery March 1 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

March 1

Anxiety attack!

“[The] Power that brought us to this program is still with us and will continue to guide us if we allow it.”

Basic Text, p. 27

Ever had a panic attack?  Everywhere we turn, life’s demands overwhelm us.  We’re paralyzed, and we don’t know what to do about it.  How do we break an anxiety attack?

First, we stop.  We can’t deal with everything at once, so we stop for a moment to let things settle.  Then we take a “spot inventory” of the things that are bothering us.  We examine each item, asking ourselves this question: “How important is it, really?”  In most cases, we’ll find that most of our fears and concerns don’t need our immediate attention.  We can put those aside, and focus on the issues that really need to be resolved right away.

Then we stop again and ask ourselves, “Who’s in control here, anyway?”  This helps remind us that our Higher Power is in control.  We seek our Higher Power’s will for the situation, whatever it is.  We can do this in any number of ways: through prayer, talking with our sponsor or NA friends, or by attending a meeting and asking others to share their experience.  When our Higher Power’s will becomes clear to us, we pray for the ability to carry it out.  Finally, we take action.

Anxiety attacks need not paralyze us.  We can utilize the resources of the NA program to deal with anything that comes our way.

Just for Today:  My Higher Power has not brought me all this way in recovery only to abandon me!  When anxiety strikes, I will take specific steps to seek God’s continuing care and guidance.

Just for Today, p. 63

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