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💬Recovery March 14 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

March 14


“Also, our inventories usually include material on relationships.”

Sixth Edition Basic Text, p. 29

What an understatement this is!  Especially in later recovery, entire inventories may focus on our relationships with others.  Our lives have been filled with relationships with lovers, friends, parents, coworkers, children, and others with whom we come in contact.  A look at these associations can tell us much about our essential character.

Often our inventories catalog the resentments that arise from our day-to-day interactions with others.  We strive to look at our part in these frictions.  Are we placing unrealistic expectations on other people?  Do we impose our standards on others?  Are we sometimes downright intolerant?

Often just the writing of our inventory will release some of the pressure that a troubled relationship can produce.  But we must also share this inventory with another human being.  That way, we get some needed perspective on our part in the problem and how we can work toward a solution.

The inventory is a tool that allows us to begin healing our relationships.  We learn that today, with the help of an inventory, we can start to enjoy our relationships with others.

Just for Today:  I will inventory the part I play in my relationships.  I will seek to play a richer, more responsible part in those relationships.

Just for Today, p. 76

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