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💬Recovery March 23 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

March 23

God’s gifts

“We do the footwork and accept what’s being given to us freely on a daily basis.”

Sixth Edition Basic Text, p. 47

Our relationship with our Higher Power is a two – way street.  In prayer, we speak and God listens.  When we meditate, we do our best to listen for the will of our Higher Power.  We know that we are responsible for our part of the relationship.  If we do not pray and listen, we shut our Higher Power out of our lives.

When we think about our relationship with our Higher Power, it’s important to remember which one we are: the powerless one.  We can ask for guidance; we can ask for willingness or strength; we can ask for knowledge of our Higher Power’s will – but we cannot make demands.  The God of our understanding – the one with the power – will fulfill that half of the relationship by giving us exactly what we need, when we need it.

We need to take action every day to keep our relationship with a Higher Power alive.  One way we do this is by applying the Eleventh Step.  Then we remember our own powerlessness and accept the will of a Power greater than ourselves.

Just for Today: In my relationship with my Higher Power, I am the powerless one.  Remembering who I am, today I will humbly accept the gifts of the God I understand.

Just for Today, p. 85

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