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💬Recovery March 9 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

March 9

Small things

“In the past, we made simple situations into problems; we made mountains our of molehills.”

Sixth Edition Basic Text, p. 90

Making mountains out of molehills seems to be our specialty.  Have you heard it said that to an addict, a flat tire is a traumatic event?  Or how about those of us who forget all pretense of principle when confronted with a bad driver?  And what about that can opener that won’t work – you know, the one you just threw out the second story window?  We can relate when we hear others share, “God, grant me patience right now!”

No, it’s not the major setbacks that drive us to distraction.  The big things – divorce, death, serious illness, the loss of a job – will throw us, but we survive them.  We’ve learned from experience that we must reach out to our Higher Power and others to make it through life’s major crises.  It’s the small things, the constant day-to-day challenges of living life without the use of drugs, that seem to affect most addicts most strongly in recovery.

When the little things get to us, the Serenity Prayer can help us regain our perspective.  We can all remember that “turning over” these small matters to the care of our Higher Power results in peace of mind and a refreshed perspective on life.

Just for Today:  I will work on patience.  I will try to keep from blowing things out of proportion, and walk with my Higher Power through my day.

Just for Today, p. 71

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