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💬Recovery November 11 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

November 11

From surrender to acceptance

“We surrender quietly and let the God of our understanding take care of us.”

Basic Text, p. 26

Surrender and acceptance are like infatuation and love.  Infatuation begins when we encounter someone special.  Infatuation requires nothing but the acknowledgment of the object of our infatuation.  For infatuation to become love, however, requires a great deal of effort.  That initial connection must be slowly, patiently nurtured into a lasting, durable bond.

It’s the same with surrender and acceptance.  We surrender when we acknowledge our powerlessness.  Slowly, we come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves can give us the care we need.  Surrender turns to acceptance when we let this Power into our lives.  We examine ourselves and let our God see us as we are.  Having allowed the God of our understanding access to the depths of ourselves, we accept more of God’s care.  We ask this Power to relieve us of our shortcoming and help us amend the wrongs we’ve done.  Then, we embark on a new way of life, improving our conscious contact and accepting our Higher Power’s continuing care, guidance, and strength.

Surrender, like infatuation, can be the beginning of a lifelong relationship.  To turn surrender into acceptance, however, we must let the God of our understanding take care of us each day.

Just for Today:  My recovery is more than infatuation.  I have surrendered.  Today, I will nurture my conscious contact with my Higher Power and accept that Power’s continuing care for me.

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