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💬Recovery November 6 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

November 6

Understanding humility

“Humility is a result of getting honest with ourselves.”

Basic Text, p. 36

Humility was an idea so foreign to most of us that we ignored it as long as we could.  When we first saw the word “humbly” ahead in Step Seven, we may have figured it meant we had quite a bit of humiliation in store.  Perhaps we chose to look it up in the dictionary, only to become even more confused by the definition.  We didn’t understand how “lowliness and subservience” applied to recovery.

To be humble does not mean we are the lowest form of life.  On the contrary, becoming humble means we attain a realistic view of ourselves and where we fit in the world.  We grow into a state of awareness founded on our acceptance of all aspects of ourselves.  We neither deny our good qualities nor overemphasize our defects.  We honestly accept who we are.

No one of us will ever attain a state of perfect humility.  But we can certainly strive to honestly admit our faults, accept our assets, and rely on our Higher Power as a source of strength.  Humility doesn’t mean we have to crawl life’s path on our hands and knees; it just means we must admit we cannot recover on our own.  We need each other and, above all, we need the power of a loving God.

Just for Today:  To be humble, I will honestly accept all facets of myself, seeing my true place in the world.  For the strength I need to fill that place, I will rely on the God of my understanding.

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