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Just for Today

October 12, 2016

Being right

“When we admit that our lives have become unmanageable, we don’t have to argue our point of view….  We no longer have to be right all the time.”

Basic Text, p. 58

Nothing isolates us more quickly from the warmth and camaraderie of our fellow NA members than having to be “right.”  Insecure, we pretend to be some kind of authority figure.  Suffering from low self-esteem, we try to build ourselves up by putting others down.  At best, such tactics push others away from us;  at worst, they draw attack.  The more we try to impress others with how “right” we are, the more wrong we become.

We don’t have to be “right” to be secure; we don’t have to pretend to have all the answers for others to love or respect us.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  None of us have all the answers.  We depend upon one another to help bridge the gaps in our understanding of things, and we depend upon a Power greater than our own to make up for our personal powerlessness.  We live easily with others when we offer what we know, admit what we don’t, and seek to learn from our peers.  We live securely in ourselves when we cease relying on our own power and start relying on the God we’ve come to understand in recovery.

We don’t have to be “right” all the time, just recovering.

Just for Today:  God, I admit my powerlessness and the unmanageability of my life.  Help me live with others as an equal, dependent upon you for direction and strength.

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