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Just for Today

October 13, 2016

Making a difference

“Words cannot describe the sense of spiritual awareness that we receive when we have given something, no matter how small, to another person.”

Basic Text, p. 104

Sometimes it seems as though there is so much wrong with the world that we might as well forget trying to make a difference.  “After all,” we think, “what in the world can I do?  I’m just one person.”  Whether our concerns are so broad that we desire global peace or so personal that we simply want recovery made available to every addict who wants it, the task seems overwhelming.  “So much work to do, so little time,” we sigh, sometimes wondering how we’ll ever do any good.

Amazingly enough, the smallest contributions can make the biggest difference.  To gain more from life than an ordinary, plodding existence requires very little effort on our parts.  We ourselves are transformed by the deep satisfaction we experience when we life the spirits of just one person.  When we smile at someone who is frowning, when we let someone in front of us on the freeway, when we call a newcomer just to say we care, we enter the realm of the extraordinary.

Want to change the world?  Start with the addict sitting next to you tonight, and then imagine your act of kindness multiplied.  One person at a time, each one of us makes a difference.

Just for Today:  An act of kindness costs me nothing, but is priceless to the recipient.  I will be kind to someone today.

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