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Just for Today

October 22, 2016

Look who’s talking

“Our disease is so cunning that it can get us into impossible situations.”

Basic Text, p. 83

Some of us say, “My disease is talking to me.”  Others say, “My head won’t turn off.”  Still others refer to “the committee in my mind” or “the monkey on my back.”  Let’s face it.  We suffer from an incurable malady that continues to affect us, even in recovery.  Our disease gives us warped information about what’s going on in our lives.  It tells us not to look at ourselves because what we’ll see is too scary.  Sometimes it tells us we’re not responsible for ourselves and our actions; other times, it tells us that everything wrong with the world is our fault.  Our disease tricks us into trusting it.

The NA program provides us with many voices that counter our addiction, voices we can trust.  We can call our sponsor for a reality check.  We can listen to the voice of an addict trying to get clean.  The ultimate solution is to work the steps and draw on the strength of a Higher Power.  That will get us through those times when “our disease is talking.”

Just for Today:  I will ignore the “voice” of my addiction.  I will listen to the voice of my program and a Power greater than myself.

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