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Just for Today

October 5, 2016

Ask for mercy, not justice

“Many of us have difficulty admitting that we caused harm for others…  We cut away our justifications and our ideas of being a victim.”

Basic Text, p. 38

Our lives are progressing nicely.  Things are going good, and each year in recovery brings more material and spiritual gifts.  We may have a little money in the bank, a new car, or a committed relationship.  We have a little self-confidence, and our faith in a Higher Power is growing.

Then, something happens.  Someone breaks into our new car and steals the stereo, or the person we’re in the relationship with becomes unfaithful.  Right away, we feel victimized.  “Where’s the justice? we wail.  But if we take a look back on our own behavior, we may find that we’ve been guilty of doing what’s just been done to us.  We realize we won’t really want justice — not for ourselves, and not for others.  What we want is mercy.

We thank a loving God for the compassion we’ve been shown, and we take the time to appreciate all the precious gifts that recovery brings.

Just for Today:  I will pray for mercy, not justice.  I am grateful for the compassion I’ve been shown, and will offer mercy to others.

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