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💬Recovery September 12 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

September 12, 2016

New horizons

“My life is well-rounded and I am becoming a more comfortable version of myself, not the neurotic, boring person that I thought I’d be without drugs.”

Is there really life without drugs?  Newcomers are sure that they are destined to lead a humdrum existence once they quit using.  That fear is far from reality.

Narcotics Anonymous opens the door to a new way of life for our members.  The only thing we lose in NA is our slavery to drugs.  We gain a host of new friends, time to pursue hobbies, the ability to be stably employed, even the capacity to pursue an education if we so desire.  We are able to start projects and see them through to completion.  We can go to a dance and feel comfortable, even if we have two left feet.  We start to budget money to travel, even if it’s only with a tent to a nearby campsite.  In recovery, we find out what interests us and pursue new pastimes.  We dare to dream.

Life is certainly different when we have the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous to return to.  Through the love we find in NA, we begin to believe in ourselves.  Equipped with this belief, we venture forth into the world to discover new horizons.  Many times, the world is a better place because an NA member has been there.

Just for Today:  I can live a well-rounded, comfortable life — a life I never dreamed existed.  Recovery has opened new horizons to me and equipped me to explore them.

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