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💬Recovery September 13 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

September 13, 2016

Something different

“We had to have something different, and we thought we had found it in drugs.”

Basic Text, p. 13

Many of us have always felt different from other people.  We know we’re not unique in feeling that way;  we hear many addicts share the same thing.  We searched all our lives for something to make us all right, to fix that “different” place inside us, to make us whole and acceptable.  Drugs seemed to fill that need.  When we were high, at least we no longer felt the emptiness or the need.  There was one drawback:  The drugs, which were our solution, quickly became our problem.

Once we gave up the drugs, the sense of emptiness returned.  At first we felt despair because we didn’t have any solution of our own to that miserable longing.  But we were willing to take direction and began to work the steps.  As we did, we found what we’d been looking for, that “something different.”  Today, we believe that our lifelong yearning was primarily for knowledge of a Higher Power;  the “something different” we needed was a relationship with a loving God.  The steps tell us how to begin that relationship.

Just for Today:  My Higher Power is the “something different” that’s always been missing in my life.  I will use the steps to restore that missing ingredient to my spirit.

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