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💬Recovery September 28 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

September 28, 2016


“Gradually, as we become more God-centered than self-centered, our despair turns to hope.”

Basic Text, p. 95

As using addicts, despair was our relentless companion.  It colored our every waking moment.  Despair was born of our experience in active addiction:  No matter what measures we tried to make our lives better, we slid ever deeper into misery.  Attempts we made to control our lives frequently met with failure.  In a sense, our First Step admission of powerlessness was an acknowledgment of despair.

Steps Two and Three lead us gradually out of that despair and into new hope, the companion of the recovering addict.  Having accepted that so many of our efforts to change have failed, we come to believe that there is a Power greater than ourselves.  We believe this Power can — and will — help us.  We practice the Second and Third Steps as an affirmation of our hope for a better life, turning to this Power for guidance.  As we come to rely more and more on a Higher Power for the management of our day-to-day life, the despair arising from our long experiment with self-sufficiency disappears.

Just for Today:  I will reaffirm my Third Step decision.  I know that, with a Higher Power in my life, there is hope.

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