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💬Recovery September 30 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

September 30, 2016

Being ourselves

“Our real value is in being ourselves.”

Basic Text, p. 105

Over and over, we have tried to live up to the expectations of those around us.  We may have been raised believing that we were okay if we earned good grades in school, cleaned our rooms, or dressed a certain way.  Always wanting to belong and be loved, many of us spent a lot of time trying to fit in — yet we never quite seemed to measure up.

Now, in recovery, we are accepted as we are.  Our real value to others is in being ourselves.  As we work the steps, we learn to accept ourselves just as we are.  Once this happens, we gain the freedom to become who we want to be.

We each have many good qualities we can share with others.  Our experiences, honestly shared, help others find the level of identification they need to begin their recovery.  We discover that we all have special gifts to offer those around us.

Just for Today:  My experience in recovery is the greatest gift I can give another addict.  I will share myself honestly with others.

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