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💬Away from my Design vision

Last updated on January 10th, 2016 at 07:35 pm

Today the single post entry view shows without a default Sidebar and the Content Sidebar is pulled after the content section under instead of on the right side of the content.  Grrrr! 🙁


On 11.28.2015

I checked this three days ago and was not happening on single post view at the time.  Very frustrating.  I’m in the documentation and support forums to try and find a fix as well as in DreamWeaver viewing my code for possible classes that need fixes.


I’m unable to piece the words together to find a search query in the support forums documentation for describing my problem.  There are at current 49 pages of entries and my game plan is to search thru those entries if things work at the end of my research I have no answer then if is meant to be for me to add an entry asking for help maybe at that time I will have the words come out right to ask for help and have my vision understood thru stating my problem.


I’ve tried for undoing recent modifications hoping that will clear this single post view error all no positive results.


I also have to look thru my file




I have been modifications to the site since this post and today, as of 01.10.2016 have to say that I’ve swerved around this design departure and have things mostly back to looking the way I am envisioning. 🙂 So overjoyed!


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