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💬Recovery March 27 Daily Reading

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Just for Today

March 27

Looking for the assets

“In accordance with the principles of recovery, we try not to judge, stereotype, or moralize with each other.”

Sixth Edition Basic Text, p. 11

How many times in our recovery have we misunderstood the behavior of another, immediately formed a judgment, applied a label, and neatly tucked the individual into a pigeonhole?  Perhaps they had developed a different understanding of a Power greater than themselves than we had, so we concluded their beliefs were unspiritual.  Or maybe we saw a couple having an argument; we assumed their relationship was sick, only to find out later that their marriage had prospered for many years.

Thoughtlessly tossing our fellows into categories saves us the effort of finding out anything about them.  Every time we judge the behavior of another, we cease to see them as potential friends and fellow travelers on the road to recovery.

If we happened to ask those we are judging if they appreciate being stereotyped, we would receive a resounding “no” in response.  Would we feel slighted if this were done to us?  Yes, indeed.  Our best qualities are what we want others to notice.  In the same way, our fellow recovering addicts want to be well thought of.  Our program of recovery asks us to look positively at life.  The more we concentrate on the positive qualities in others, the more we’ll notice them in ourselves.

Just for Today:  I will set aside my negative judgments of others, and concentrate instead on appreciating the favorable qualities in all.

Just for Today, p. 89

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