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Before blogging here on kylecblanchard.net and blog.kylecblanchard.net with the WordPress _wordpress.org) – and kylecblanchard.wordpress.com on WordPress.com – blog CMS, my previous blog platform was Blogger (the link opens in a new tab).

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I am a graduate of Plano East Senior High School (class of 2002) in Plano, Texas, and of Nicholls State University (class of 2019) in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

| Nicholls State University (nicholls.edu) Colonels alumni class of 2019 | Source: Nicholls Branding (nicholls.edu/branding) |

Private message me on Facebook (http://facebook.com/kylecblanchard or http://facebook.com/kylecblanchard.net or https://www.facebook.com/the.i.am.kyle.blanchard.page) or WhatsApp about hiring me for in-person and/or remote tutoring/editing/reviewing. Or contact me via text message, phone call, or email. My tutoring rates typically start around $12.00/hour and I am open to negotiations on rates. I am able to videoconference through Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype if the distance between us is an issue, yet you would still like to have a session where we “see” one another, albeit virtually. Find me through Google at g.page/kyle-christopher-blanchard (the link opens in a new tab).


— Kyle Christopher Blanchard

1115 E Camellia Dr

Thibodaux, LA 70301

(225) 348-7148

Business Email: kyle@kylecblanchard.net

| @kylecblanchard | Twitter — @kylecblanchard | Facebook — @kylecblanchard and facebook.com/kylecblanchard.net and facebook.com/the.i.am.kyle.blanchard.page | Instagram — @kylecblanchard | Tumblr — kylecblanchard.tumblr.com | WordPress —https://www.kylecblanchard.net and http://blog.kylecblanchard.net | WordPress.org
@kylecblanchard @kyl3cblanchard (@kyl3cblanchard on WordPress.org)
| Google at g.page/kyle-christopher-blanchard

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