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Please, no religious solicitation nor other solicitation nor loitering nor pestering at homestead  and in-person kindly requested; appreciations on having been none of that and let’s keep that up, just annoys the four-legged pup and their owner more on top of irritations the Bigfoots and Rugaroos and swamp creatures set forth, along with the clawing the flying creatures and owls and critters chirping their cricket symphonies and raccoon/o’possum hisses already concoct (not counting in the buzzing of insects and droplets of water from humidity), so thanks for minding that to not wake the puppy pound paw patrol and Stephen Universe for that extra and unwanted, unimportanishness noisiness and distraction.

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Who am I? My pronouns are “me/my/mine/myself/i/he/him/his/himself” (Pronouns | Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center at WSU — the link opens in a new tab). I am an Aquarian (Aquarian Definition & Meaning | — the link opens in a new tab); an Aquarius ♒ (Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Horoscope, Dates, Traits & Personality ( — the link opens in a new tab); Aquarius (astrology) ( — the link opens in a new tab). I am a millennial ( — the link opens in a new tab). More or less, I simply find myself as a friend to friends; I’m family to family; I’m Louisiana-born; I’m competent, dedicated, loyal, trusting until wronged, a learner, strong as an individual, adaptive and goal-oriented in groups; I am assertive and also compromising and comprehending.

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In short briefness, o’glorious pryers: I graduated Plano East Senior High School (Panthers, HS class of 2002) in Plano, Texas, and Nicholls State University (Colonels, BIS Nicholls Online class of 2019) in Thibodaux, Louisiana, so far — Degree awardee of A High School Diploma and A Bachelor of Interdisclipinary Studies (BIS) with minors in English and the Humanities.

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— Kyle Christopher Blanchard

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