My work on a school project: “The Colonel Connection”

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For a previous course, we were working on making a basic (the link opens in a new tab) site. I have (somehow) managed to still be able to access that said project. You can browse that project here at “The Colonel Connection” (the link opens in a new tab).

For my version of “The Colonel Connection,” a brief summary of that project I made is that we (The Colonel Connection) “Provide superior assistive service[s] to the Nicholls State University’s and Nicholls Online’s communities for support services to all student, staff, and, also, faculty of those communities and those communities’ families. [Our] services include[:] relocation services, career placement assistance, and networking basics and counseling. We aim to please all that we can.”

Now, as I look back over that Introduction and re-type it here, I notice I have made a few grammatical and word choice errors. I have pointed those out above by their additions inside of the brackets (“[” and “]”).