History and Sexualities

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History and sexualities.
Source: open.spotify.com/episode/7pnZEdToLbmNFf6wJD8W6p?si=wnFgEYO_RBa8ec8X92cnGw  (the link opens in a new tab).

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The Language of This Criminal Sentence Sounds So Outdated and Nonmodern

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Wow! Did you hear the sentence of punishment quoted for that criminal in modern language? Speechless. It sounds so nonmodern. 😳

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Source: open.spotify.com/episode/1tcYLy2ILoRoDddvR56Kxy?si=2Fowh9AdR1anCn28xz0hVw  (the link opens in a new tab).

Kyle Christopher Blanchard

Friedrich Nietzsche and his “God is dead” Quote

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Philosophize This’s episode ninety, “Nietzsche pt. 1 – God is dead and so is Captain Morgan  (the link opens in a new tab), is the first in the rest of the Nietzsche section (a four-part episode section of episodes 90, 91, 92, and 93) has really struck a great chord with me while listening to the show. I did a quick Google search for “where does the ‘God is dead’ quote by Nietzsche come from” and found the textbook Nietzsche wrote the quote in. In this time between undergraduate and master’s, I am adding this book that the quote comes from to my to-read list: The Gay Science  (the link opens in a new tab).

Kyle Christopher Blanchard

Theological philosophy

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A take on theological philosophy, narrated by Stephen West.

A Hegel discussion podcast titled “Hegel’s God,” via episode seventy-six on Philosophize This! Hegel, by Stephen West, on philosophical theology  (the link opens in a new tab).

Kyle Christopher Blanchard

Food For Thoughts on Moral and Ethical Justifications on Killing of Animals and Plants

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And I envision myself at one point being able to attend frequently enough some kind of gathering where topics like this become the norm for conversations. Questioning these types of things opens me up at times to questioning what really is the pecking order of life? Spanning not only sentient beings but including that and, more broadly, spread across the spectrum of all earth’s living, existing beings/things.

Kyle Christopher Blanchard

Stephen West’s Interview with Massimo Pigliucci on David Hume and Stoicism

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Here, Stephen West interviews Massimo Pigliucci, a current-day philosopher, and practitioner of stoicism, about his views on David Hume.

In the podcast’s episode, stoicism is mentioned, which is of interest to me, personally, seeing as how I take an inventory of my motives, actions, thoughts, and reactions daily for my recovery program. Stoicism sounds similar to this and it may be how the older civilizations of humanity practiced such things, knowing the lifestyle in terms of being a ‘stoic,’ not necessarily in recovering from the disease of addiction but, also, in terms of being ‘ethically mindful’ in all areas of life (Pigliucci open.spotify.com/episode/77inMrkeA0Fx1o13QpLEGN?si=S3meCx0ATgKJbHGdnqDFGA the link opens in a new tab). This attitude and lifestyle of stoicism, though, need not only apply to those suffering from addiction. Living as a stoic, in modern times, is possible for anyone. Stephen West’s interviewee, Massimo Pigliucci, mentions a website blog he runs with thoughts on this (howtobeastoic.wordpress.com the link opens in a new tab), which Pigliucci lets us know he will also turn into a book.

Kyle Christopher Blanchard

Philosophize This! Podcast by Stephen West

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Great listen!

Philosophize This! Podcast (open.spotify.com/show/2Shpxw7dPoxRJCdfFXTWLE the link opens in a new tab), on Spotify  (the link opens in a new tab), by Stephen West (@Iamstephenwest on Twitter-  the link opens in a new tab). Find the podcast on Philosophizethis.org  (the link opens in a new tab), Patreon.com/philosophizethis  (the link opens in a new tab), Facebook.com/Philosophizethisshow/  (the link opens in a new tab), and Twitter.com/Iamstephenwest  (the link opens in a new tab).

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